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Foreign nationals may want to enter and remain in the U.S. permanently or temporarily for various reasons. For instance, they might wish to reunite with family, pursue employment, escape persecution, or attend school. Regardless of the goal, immigration matters can be extremely complicated and difficult to navigate alone. If you seek to become a legal permanent resident or citizen of the U.S., apply for a visa, or challenge a removal action, having an attorney guide you through the process would be in your best interests. A lawyer can help make sense of this complex system and provide the counsel you need to follow your dreams.

At Prya Murad Law, our Miami immigration lawyer is committed to providing the advocacy you need. We recognize the profound effect any immigration matter can have on your future. That is why we will deliver personalized attention and compassionate support throughout your journey. We can explain the process, assist in preparing and submitting forms, and represent you at any required hearings. At our firm, your goals are our cause, and we work relentlessly to help you seek to achieve them.

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How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help with Your Case

Whatever immigration issue you’re facing, the process you must go through is not always straightforward. You’ll have various forms you must fill out, criteria you must meet, and hearings you must attend. Mistakes, inconsistencies, or incomplete applications can delay the process or result in a denial of the request you’re making.

Your future depends on doing what’s required of you as you go through the U.S. immigration system. But you might not be aware of all your obligations because of the nuances of the laws. 

Our Miami immigration lawyer can relieve some of the stress you might be facing when pursuing your goals. We can help you understand common challenges in cases like yours and your options for overcoming them. Additionally, with our in-depth knowledge of immigration law, we can help you avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize your case.

Immigration Matters We Handle

Foreign nationals must go through the U.S. immigration system for any matter affecting their status in this country. A lawyer can assist at every stage. To facilitate an effective process, it’s essential to receive counsel from an attorney who knows how to handle various types of cases.

At Prya Murad Law, we represent clients in an array of immigration matters, including:

  • Removal defense: A foreign national may face removal or deportation if they are alleged to be in the country unlawfully, have committed a crime, or engaged in other misconduct. Defending against removal requires aggressive advocacy.
  • Permanent residency: If a foreign national wants to live or work in the U.S. permanently, they must obtain a Green Card. The requirements for applying vary depending on the individual’s situation.
  • Business visas: Foreign nationals need B-1 visas if they intend to conduct temporary business in the U.S. The individual may be eligible for this visa if they are going to participate in activities such as attending business meetings, conferences, or trainings; consulting with associates; or negotiating contracts.
  • Immigration visas: Foreign nationals can apply for employment- or family-based visas if they wish to legally enter the U.S. to work or reunite with family. There are different visas and eligibility types, depending on the reason for the visit.
  • Family immigration: Naturalized citizens or legal permanent residents of the U.S can apply to have family members, such as fiancés, spouses, children, and siblings, join them in the U.S. They must show that they are legally related to and can financially support the individual.
  • Asylum: For some foreign nationals, returning to their home country can endanger their lives. Those who have suffered or may suffer persecution in their home country because of race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group, or political opinion can seek asylum in the U.S.
  • U.S. citizenship: Naturalization and citizenship allows foreign nationals to remain in the U.S. indefinitely. It also establishes several rights and may enable the individual to bring family members to the U.S. Those seeking citizenship must meet certain criteria, such as a having specific length of continuous residence, physical presence in the country, and a good moral character.

Our immigration attorney in Miami is prepared to handle matters of all complexities. We attend to the details and deliver thoughtful advocacy.

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At Prya Murad Law, we purposely take on a small caseload so we can deliver the attention our clients deserve. When you turn to us, you will receive individualized counsel from an attorney who genuinely cares about helping you work toward your dreams.

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