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Nicole Vargas

Legal Assistant

Nicole Vargas is the Legal Assistant at Prya Murad Law PLLC. She was born and raised in South Florida and is fluent in Spanish. She is working towards a future as a criminal defense attorney and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice at Florida International University.

Nicole is passionate about fighting for people accused of crimes and eager to make a positive impact in people's lives. She is an integral part of the team at Prya Murad Law PLLC. She supports Attorney Murad throughout every step of a client's case including regularly communicating with clients so they are never in the dark about their legal matters. She is committed to working with Attorney Murad to provide all of Prya Murad Law PLLC's clients with fearless advocacy and individualized representation.

When she is not working at Prya Murad Law PLLC, Nicole can be found studying for her classes, reading, or traveling.